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Could contribute to the preservation Of our planet?

Diverse Ecological movements have been trying to change positively our wold Environment, to preserve it and to try to make us aware of the serious risk of Continuing with our destructive way of living.

There Are different ways of improving this serious situation. On the first place, we Are ending with our forest by cutting down trees, which generate oxygen so that We can breath. They also produce fruits which are important for our healthy Diet.

Also, We discharge different kinds of fumes to the atmosphere causing human-generated Heat trapping gases. This sometimes cause the dissertation of the places that In the past were completely green.

Due To the pollution caused by the gases and fumes that the factories expel, the Acid rain and the greenhouse effect are produced. Those environmental problems Are causing the global warming of the Earth. Besides, the ice from the poles Melts because of this warming, drought and floods are produced.

On The other hard, we can contribute to help the environmental situation turning Off the tap while we are washing our teeth and hands to save wates. We can save Water taking shout showers instead of long baths too.

Nowadays, Many buildings have solar panels to save energy and to use ecological energy which Doesn’t pollute as much as nuclear energy.

In Conclusion, saving our planet is an obligation of everyone so that we can Preserve our beautiful living place. So, we should help it by sawing water, Using renewable sow ices and recycling.

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