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How is climate affecting us?

The climate change has been a burning issue for the last decades but only Scientists predicted and took seriously the affects that it would have on the Planet and also on us, the human beings and our lifestyle.

As Far as I am concerned, it is not just a nationwide issue, but a global issue. That’s why, global climate change has already had observable effects on the Environment: glaciers have shrunk, plant and animal rangers have shifted and Trees are flowering sooner, and so on. In addition, the vast majority of carbon Dioxide emissions come from humans.

Furthermore, If we lose the battle against climate change, what kind of earth are we going To leave our children?

In Conclusion, we must admit that climate change is affecting us and also the rest Of the living beings on the planet. It is a worldwide problem and all countries Will have to work together as one in order to prevent one of the greatest Threats to mankind and our environment.

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