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Warming-up: are series of exercises that have been organized in a rational, methodical and progressive way. The aim is to prepare our body to perform better and safely. We do these exercises for guarantee a suitable quality of performance in the exercises or activities we are planning to practice. General Wu: by doing moderate exercise, the muscles are ready to perform generic physical activity that is not too demanding. Specific wu: to work on the particular groups of muscles that will be used in the specific sport or activity. Muscle wu: for a therapeutic effect or general fitness. Effects wu: a good warm-up produces multiple positive effects on our organism regarding our health and the prevention of injury. –increase in body temperature. –improvement in muscle tone, perceptible to touch. –increase in heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate. –Increase of blood flow to the capillaries. –release of glycogen. –increase of flexibility, systolic volume, diameter of arteries and blood vessels. 

Gentle ex: -Walk and move your arms vigorously. –Jog gently while lifting your knees. –Jog slowly, lifting your knees and touching your buttocks with your heels. –Take turns. Holding on the shoulders of your partner, jump as high as you can. –As you jump. Try to touch your chest with both knees. –Swing your arms backwards and forwards, in a parallel motion; you must move your shoulders as you swing. –Swing your arms in front of your body to left and to the right, keeping them parallel. Moderate ex:: -Flex your  legs completely, opening them as you lower them and closing them as you raise them. -Raise one leg to hip height and place your heel in the hands of your partner. Repeat with the other leg. –Jump as you raise your leg sideways to the height of your waist. –With your legs apart, your hands firmly placed behind your head and your elbows back, bend and straighten your torso. - While jogging make circles with your hands. –Do side stretches keeping your hands firmly behind your head. –Bend forwards to touch your toes on one foot and then the other, bringing your head down to touch your knees. Final ex:-With your hands on the ground do a series of press-ups with your arms. -Lying face down lift your torso keeping your hands behind your head while a partner holds your ankles on the ground. -Lying face up with your legs straight move them in circles first in one direction and then the other. -Lying face up, keep your legs together and bend them up to your chest. As you lower them, stretch them out to a horizontal position without touching the floor. –Lying face up, raise your body, your arms and your legs so that they touch at the highest point. –In a sitting position with your elbows in the ground and your legs straight, make scissor movements crossing and uncrossing your legs. –One after the other: jog, bend your knees, jumps and carry on running.

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