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2017 A (Ek) 1. People feel guilty because they realize that the animals they are watching are unhappy because of the conditions they live in. 2. Instead of going to zoos, children could visit natural history museums and watch films about wild animals 3. The conservation argument says that animals are safer in zoos than in the wild and that zoos can protect animals that are at risk 4. Humans should protect the natural habitats for these animals so that they can continue living there safely. F (P2)F (P6) 1. Jungle 2. Lonely 3. Endangered 4. Forbid

2017 B (EK) 1. The world would be very dangerous for them because for every single person there would be a million zombies. 2. Humans would be able to recover from an attack because they have the ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations and to find solutions to problems. 3. A zombie apocalypse is completely imaginary and it is not likely to happen at all. 4. Because it gives them the chance to apply their knowledge of physics to different contexts and, hopefully, their solutions will help to solve future catastrophes. F (P3 HUMAN 27) F(P3 THE THE WOLK) 1 apocalypse 2. Skills 3. Hypothetical 4. Predictions

2017 A (UZ) 1. They are people born after 200 who have grown up with digital skills. 2. Teenager feel under pressure to answer messages immediately so they wake up in the night to do it. 3. A lot of them felt bored and isolated but some of them said tha later the felt happier. 4. These apps are necesary because some people do not control the time that they spend online, so these apps do it for them. T (P1) F (P4) 1. Available 2. Isolated 3. Needs 4. Manage

2017 B (UZ) 1. He wanted Malala to become a politician because he realised she was very good at speaking in public. 2. Malala did not hide. Instead, she gave interviews to newspapers and TV about the right of women to be educated. 3. Doctors thought her injured were so serious thar she would die 4. Malala thinks that she is not extraordinary and her live is similar to the lives of many other girls. T (P1) F (P5) 1. Assassination 2. Speech 3. Threats 4. Recovered

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