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Jim Nolan change: Jim Nolan walks away from his failed attempt at a life and is accepted for membership in the Communist Party. He tells essential parts of his story to his recruiter, Harry Nilson. We learn that Jim has felt dead inside for a long time, and he hopes that working for something bigger than himself will energize him. When he meets Mac and begins working, he knows he's made the right decision. 
P1: Jim learns to hope by watching these men who are living lives of purpose. " (20). Jim himself starts to come alive again the moment Nilson starts talking about the kind of work he could do for the Party—and he feels positively joyful when he does something as simple as typing a letter for Mac:
P2: Jim's decision not to participate in the usual behavioral patterns of guys from his 'hood reveals the pain and purposelessness of the life of most working poor of the time. Jim wants to transcend this zombie-like existence to lead a life of meaning and worth.
P3: Jim claims to be a product of his environment, a young man who has been kicked around enough and who has seen enough suffering to stop the heart of any normal man.

Jim’s face:Steinbeck has Jim maimed in such a way that we have to think of the meaning of his fatal wound. Seriously, Jim literally loses his face, the body part most closely connected with personal identity. This is no coincidence, since Jim has willingly bartered his life and his individuality to become one with "the cause."
By giving up his personal identity to become a Party man, Jim has also given up a major part of his humanity—hence the scariness of his behavior and the phenomenal power he feels coursing through him. He has become something beyond human, so such effacement seems appropriate. (Sorry. We had to do it.)Jim's death further robs him of his personal humanity, turning him into a symbol for the workers at the camp: he's now the nameless (and faceless) archetype of the worker oppressed by an inequitable system.E
Loss of humanity and workers.

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