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Forms of Creativity

Adaptive Creativity: the form of creativity that transfers and applies existing forms of thinking and problem solving to new scenarios or different situations. 

  • Incremental changes

  • Thinks “inside the box”

  • Solve problems by improving, adapting and refining current ways of thinking

  • Linear, disciplinary approach

Innovative Creativity: a form of creativity that generates new forms of thinking, addressing problems from an unusual perspective. 

  • Radical changes

  • Thinks “outside the box”

  • Solves problems by breaking, modifying and replacing current ways of thinking

  • Divergent, interdisciplinary approach

Unit 5.7: Crisis management and Contingency planning

WHAT IS A CRISIS? An unexpected event which generates a negative impact on the organisation 


  • Natural disasters 

  • Human decision or error

  • Industrial accident

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