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¡-Occupation colonies: It is a kind of colony which is occupied by another One nation with hostility in order to exploit its natural resources and also Its native people. There were indigenous people in the majority but were Administered by a foreign power

EXPLOITATION COLONIES/ SETTLER COLONIALIS: Exploitation colonialism is the national economic policy of conquering a Country in order to exploit its natural resources and its nature population. This practice contrast with settler colonialism, which is the practice of Conquering a branch of the metrople (Motherland) to exploit its resources and Native population

INDIGENEITY. This concept is derived from “indigenous”: born or Produced naturally in a land or region; native or belonging naturally to a Certain place

EUROCENTRISM: It is the process whereby European nations began to Conceive of their own dominant relationship to a non-European world, and began To spread their rule through exploration, cartography and colonization:

-Europe: Modern / Non- European countries: static, traditional, prehistorical

FIRST NATIONS: the original habitants. This term is used mainly in Canada to refer to an indigenous American Indian community officially Recognized as an administrative unit by the federal government of functioning As such without official status

DIASPORA: It refers to a scattered population whose origin Lies within a smaller geographic locale. It is also the movement of the Population from their original homeland. It has come to refer to historical Mass dispersions of an involuntary nature. Colonialism was a diasporic Movement. Example: the Jews

MIDDLE PASSAGE: It is the term used to describe the central section of The euphemistically termed “triangular trade” in which goods were brought from Europe to exchange for people at “factories” on the African coasts. On arrival Of the Americas, salves were sold as products and transported back To Europe, The “hypothenuse” of the triangle.

CHATTED SLAVERY: Type of slavery in which slaves are trated as a Property or material good, and also sold and bought as such

INDENTRUED LABOUR: It describes when slavery was abolished in colonial Systems such as in Britan, and slaves started to work for income. Apparently, The contracts made between slaves and white people were not voluntary, so this System was seen as a forced labor.

DIASPORIC DISPLACEMENT TIME: (D. Coleman) The line, despite the Elliptical resourrences of traumatic memory, represents an Imperial Isochoric Time: the traumatic and barbaric post will give way to a progressive, civil Future. This is always in progress, and so we are

SLAVE NARRATIVE. Literary genre with political purpose. They were transmitted Orally from black people to white (because of Blacks could not write)  They wanted to abolish slavery by proving They were human beings and not dangerous “species”. They expressed themselves And let others know about their feelings and experiences

NEO-SLAVE NARRATIVE: Literary genre in which a comteporary author writes A novel which is a fictional biography with no personal experiences, but just Using historical information. Their focus is on the improvement of the wounds That abolition and slavery have left behind. They are concerned with the past, But its implications rest in the present and also in the future. It employs Contemporary techniques.

THE BLACK ATLANITC: P.Gilroy. RACE -> Origin, culture, indentity

He uses the Translatic slave trade to highlight the influence of “routes” on black identity. The image of the ship represents how authentic Black culture is compesed of cultural exchanges since the slave trade Suppressed black´s ability to connect to a homeland. Double consciousness Involves Black Atlantic struggling to be both European and Black though their Relationship to the land and their ethnic political constituency.

SUBALTERN. In critical theory, it refers to the populations that are Politically socially and geographically outside of the hegemonic power Structure of the colony and of the colony homeland. In post-colonial theory, it Describes the lower, it describes the lower clasess and the social groups who Are at the margins of a society. It means “of inferior rank”

REGION. A construct, an imagined and a strategic sense of Cohesion and community, projected from without but also from within. It can be Assumed as an imposed homogeneity and for unity

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