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How terror management theory uses human behaviour in wars?

2.What are the three main theories that explain how World War II could have been prevented?

Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, and appeasement.

3.What are two examples of the appeasement done by Hitler before the World War?

The best example of appeasement was at the Munich Conference when Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia but he did anyway. When Hitler invaded Poland that was the last straw. Unfortunately, it was too late.

4.What would have happened if the United States had joined to the League of Nations before World War II?

The League would be stronger and the war never would start.

5.What countries invaded Germany to start the war?

Poland and Czechoslovakia

6.Write the name of two leaders which countries belong to the world league before the World War II.

Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin

7.Is it formulated by a group of evolutionary psychologists, this hypothesis suggests that men evolved to be violent and warlike in order to secure access to women and other resources?

The Male Warrior Hypothesis.

8.What theory states that in debates over conflicts, there are hawks and doves, with hawks favouring forceful actions to end tensions and doves advocating negotiation? The Persuasive Hawck

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