Why human resource management was held in such low esteem in many organization

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1)What is organizing?

Arranging work to achieve Company goals

2)What is organizational structure?

Formal arrangement of jobs In the company

3)What is organizational design?

Creating or changing Organization’s structure

4)What are the six key elements of organizational Design?

a)Specialization.   B) Departmentalization.  C) Chain of command

b)Span of control   E) Centralization. F).Formalization

5)What is an organizational chart?

The visual representation Of the company structure

6)What is work specialization?

Degree where tasks are Divided into separate jobs to different person

7)What is departmentalization?

The base on which jobs are Grouped together.

8)What are the five common forms of departmentalization?

a)Functional b) Geographical.  C) Product.  D) Process. E) Customer

9)What are cross-functional teams?

Team consist of individuals From deferent departments and specialties.

10)What is unity of Command?

Concept says person should Have one boss and ruled by him

11)What is span of Control?

The number of employees who Can effectively and efficiently managed by the manager

12)What is Centralization?

Degree which decision Making is just around the upper level manager

13)What is Decentralization?

The decision making is Pushed down to the manager closest to actions (middle-level manager)

14)What is employee Empowerment?

Increasing the employees’ Power to make decision

15)What is Formalization?

Degree to which jobs are standardized And employees guided by rules

16)What is a Mechanistic organization?

An organizational design That is strongly controlled.

17)What is an organic organization?

An organizational design That is fixable.

18)What is process production?

The production of items in Continues process.

19)What is simple Structure?

Low departmentalization, wide spans of control, centralized Authority, little formalization

20)What is functional structure?

Structure where the similar Specialists grouped together.

21)What is Divisional structure?

Structure made up of Separate division.

22)What is team Structure?

The organization is made up Of work as teams

23)What is matrix Structure?

Specialists from different Departments are assigned to work on projects

24)What is project structure?

Structure where employees Work continuously on projects

 Chapter 10 (pgs. 224-253)

25)Why is HRM Important?

26)What are High-performance work practices?

Practices leads to high individual & organizational Performance.

27)What is the HRM Process?

28)What are the 12-steps In the HRM process?

29)What is a labor Union?

Organization that represent worker and tries to protect their Rights

30)What is human Resource planning?

Method to ensure that company have the right number and kind of People in the right time and place

31)What are the two Steps in human resource planning?

1-Assessing Current HR needs

2-Meeting Future HR needs

32)What is a job Analysis?

Assessment that define the job and the needed skills to perform It

33)What is a job Description?

Written statement that describe the job

34)What is job Specification?

Statement of the minimum qualification that a person must do to Perform well. 

35)What is Recruitment?

Locating, identifying and attracting best applicants

36)What is Decruitment?

Reducing the company workforce

37)What are some Decruitment options?

1-job sharing               2-firing            3-layoffs          4-transfers      5-early Retirement

38)What is Selection?

Screening job applicants to ensure that the best is hired

39)What are Selection decision outcomes?

Successful and accept (correct decision)

Successful and reject (reject error)

Unsuccessful and accept (accept error)

Unsuccessful and reject (correct decision)

40)What are some Selection tools?

1-application forms    2-interviews    3-written test     4-performance test

5- background investigation

41)What is a Realistic job preview (RJP)?

Preview of jobs include positive and negative information about The job and the company

42)What is Orientation?

Introduction to the job and the company to new employee

43)What are some Types of training methods?

Traditional training (On the job, Job rotation, manuals and Coaching)

Technological training (CD-ROM, DVD, videotape, podcast, E-learning, TV)

44)What is a Performance management system?

System that makes standards to evaluate employee’s performance

45)What is Skill-based pay?

System that reward employee for job skills they demonstrate

46)What is variable Pay?

Compensation pay system depends on performance

47)What is Downsizing?

Planned elimination of jobs in a company

48)What is sexual Harassment?

Unwanted sexual-base activity which affect employee and work

49)What are Family-friendly benefits?

Benefits that accommodate employee’s needs for work-life Balance

Chapter 14 (pgs. 338-363)

50)What is communication?

The transfer and understanding of meaning

51)What is Interpersonal communication?

Communication between two or more people

52)What are some of The methods of communicating interpersonally?

1-Feadback  2-Formality 3-cost 4- time of consumption 5-complexity capacity.

53)What are the 12 Questions you can ask yourself when determining which communication method to Use?

54)What is Organizational communication?

All the pattern, network and system of communication within the Organization.

55)What is encoding?

Converting a massage into symbols

56)What is Decoding?

Retranslating the sender’s massage 

57)What is the Interpersonal communication process?

the 7 elements involved in transferring meanings from person to Another

58)What is noise?

any distraction comes with the transmission of a massage 

59)What is Nonverbal communication?

Communication to others without words

60)What is verbal Intonation?

Emphasizing words that expresses meaning

61)What is Filtering?

Manipulating the information to look more favorable to receiver

62)What is Information overload?

when information exceeds a person’s processing capacity

63)What is High-context culture?

Communication with the least words and depend on the Surrounding

64)What is an Example of high-context culture?

Arab culture

65)What is low-context culture?

Communication depends more on words than surrounding

66)What is an Example of low-context culture?

United states culture  

67)What is active Listening?

Listening to full meaning without judging or interacting 

68)What is formal Communication?

Communication within a given organizational work arrangements

69)What is informal Communication?

Communication that is not defined by the organization’s Structural system 

70)What is lateral Communication?

Communication among employees on the same organizational level

71)What is diagonal Communication?

Communication that crosses work areas and organizational level

72)What are Communication networks?

The patterns of vertical and horizontal flows of organizational Communication

73)What is the Grapevine?

Informal organizational communication network

74)What are Communities of practice?

Group of people who share a set of problems, or a passion then Share the knowledge between them

Chapter 17 (pgs. 424-449)

75)What is Controlling?

76)What is the Control process?

77)What are the Three-steps in the control process?

78)What is range of Variation?

79)What is Immediate corrective action?

80)What is basic Corrective action?

81)What is Performance?

82)What is Organizational performance?

83)What is Organizational effectiveness?

84)What is Feedforward control?

85)What is Concurrent control?

86)What is feedback Control?

87)What is a Balanced scorecard?

88)What is a Management information system (MIS)?

89)What is Benchmarking?

90)What are Benchmarks?

91)What is Productivity?

92)What is service Profit chain?

93)What is Corporate governance?

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