Why human resource management was held in such low esteem in many organization

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Basics of PM What is project management? Describe the project constraints! Project management is the application of knowledge, Skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder Needs and expectations form a project. Constraints: Scope/Cost/Time/Quality Introduce Some systems and standards regarding to project management! Systems and Standards for PM 1. PMBOK Guide by PMI (Project Management Institute) 2. Books of the FIDIC (Fédération international des ingénieurs-conseils = International Federation of Consulting Engineers) 3. ISO standards Introduce The life-cycle of a project (phases, sequence, processes)! Use diagrams! 1. Project management processes • initiating processes • planning processes • executing processes• controlling processes • closing processes 2. Product-oriented processes Introduce the 9 knowledge areas of the project management according to PMBOK Guide!1. P Integration M 2. P Scope M 3. P Time M 4. P Cost M 5. P Quality M 6. P Human Resource M 7. P Communication M 8. P Risk M 9. P Procurement (adquisición/contratación) M integration • ensures the coordination of the various project Elements • consists of ((• project plan development • project plan execution • Overall change control • product description •  strategic plan • project selection criteria • Historic backgroung • project manager • constraints • assumptions Scope • Ensures the project includes all the work required and only the work required For it’s success • Consists of (• initiation • scope planning • scope Definition • scope verification • scope change control Time • ensures Proper time management + finish until deadline • consists of ((• activity Definition• activity duration estimating• activity sequencing (time sequence)• Schedule development)) Cost • ensures the project to be completed within The approved budget • consists of (• resource planning • cost estimating, • Cost budgeting • cost control  Quality • ensures the project to satisfy the needs it has been undertaken for• Consists of((• quality planning • quality assurance • quality control human Resource • ensures the most effective use of professionals in the project • Consists of ((• organizational planning • staff acquisition • team development)) Communication • ensures the right kind of treatment (generation, Collection, dissemination, storage, etc.) of the project information • consists Of ((• communication planning • information distribution • performance Reporting • administrative closure Risk • identifying, analyzing and Responding risks of the project • consists of ((• risk identification • risk Quantification • risk response development • risk response control Procurement • acquiring the required goods and services from outside the performing organization • consists of ((• procurement planning • solicitation planning • solicitation • Source selection • contract administration • contract close-out 

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