Can human resources department intervene with operations manager's decisions

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Unit 12

Service (servicio): cooperation, help, Aid, support

  • Teachers are at the service of their students.

Complaint (S) (quejas):  grievance, reproach

  • I made a complaint in the bank after my credit card was cloned.

Customer satisfaction (satisfaccion de los consumidores):  measure of how Products and servicessupplied by a company meet or surpasscustomer expectation

  • Many companies carry out surveys so as to check customer satisfaction.

Strategy (estrategia): approach, tactics

  • If you want to sell a product, youmust have a good strategy.

Good customer Service (buen servicio para los consumidores) :the quality provision Of service toclients before, duringand after a purchase

  • Good customer service is important forbusinesses if they want Customers tocome back.

High quality (alta Calidad): excellence

  • High quality products are usuallyvery expensive.

Query (-ies) (consulta): question, inquiry, doubt

  • If You have a query you must call the helpline.
  • To Pay for

To pay for (pagar por Algo): to cover the cost of

  • You have to pay for a productbefore leaving a store.

To deliver (distribucion):  to distribute, Allocate, hand out

  • Bazuca deliver films that customersbuy on the Internet.

To handle (para Manejar):  to work, manage, operate

  • The manager needs to handlethis situation personally.

Mistake (error):  error

  • Many companies pay for their Mistakesby losing money.        

Poor service (mal Servicio): the bad provision of service to clientsbefore, during and after a Purchase

  • Poor service usually costs businessesa loss of customers.

To deal with (para Tartar): to handle, manage, do business with

  • Call centre workers have to deal with manycomplaints every day.

To train (para Entrenar): to instruct, tutor, enlighten, teach

  • The human resources department trainsits workers in how to deal With customers.

Politely (cortesmente): cordially, amiably

  • Call centre operators must speak politely atall times even though Customersare sometimes quite rude.

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