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Technological objects: Scientific and technical discoveries

Technical drawings, The development of innovative materials, Work skills, Computer software, Socioeconomic development
Elements that affect technology:
Materials and their properties, Scientific and technical knowledge and concepts, Technical drawing, computers, Work skills, Economic factors.

Technology: is the coordinated applications of scientific knowledge and skills to create an object or system that satiesfies a human need or solves a problem.

Development of a group solution:
Technical drawings: these show the whole object from various angles 
Progress status sheet: this document provides information about what must be done 
Measurements and budget: First, we specify the types and amounts of materials that will be needed.

Toolls needed in technology:
Physical tools , Computer tools/spreadsheets , budget sheet , materials budget.

Workshop organistation and management:
Physical space/ tools, materials(storage room), projects, documentation, work groups
The Workshop: is a place where we can find materials, tools and other resources for working and creating objects, books for carrying out research and workbenches for drawing or working on.

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