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 CAPITAL RATIONING since funds available for investments tend to be limited (“rationed”).“Weak” rationing:  Even if the company counts on financial resources, it may limit their magnitude for a certain unit or manager. Trying to prioritize the best projects. But in turn, it could refuse profitable projects, causing loss of value. Companies can implement “weak” rationing strategies in two different ways: they could set a higher cost of capital and/or they could cut the investment budgets of certain areas.“Strong” rationing: In occasions, companies only have available a limited volume of funds to invest. In this case, projects with higher NPV per invested € should be selected. The ratio between NPV and initial investment is called profitability index.  Profitability index is the decisionmaking approach that maximizes the NPV of the batch of feasible projects as a whole.
HUMAN RESOURCES:Examples on a Project Team • Self-actualization: challenging assignments that need new ideas and Creativity. New tasks for personal development. Self-government,… • Self-esteem: Rules without exhibiting a need for power and control. Encourage to assume responsibility for their own new experiential opportunities • Belonging: Familiarity with team, learn from others, shared tasks,… • Safety: Greet and welcome new team members, relaxed atmosphere, shared Objetctives and agendas,… • Physiological: Breaks, temperature, light, room,…
Engineers can play differente roles in business: -Technical: contributing with their knowledge to develop technical solutions. Often linked to engineering and consulting companies. -Management: participating as managers in companies. Wide view of Technical and economic aspects. -Empreneur: engineering studies often resuls in a enterpreneurship, specially In technology start-up business.

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