Human Resources

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Human resources:

Are the people employed in a business know as personnel

What does a employee provide to a business to make it productive?

Skills, Knowledge, Labor, Experience

What is human resources management?

Is the process of finding, meeting, selecting, training, and evaluating employess

When filling a job, what thing does human resources do?

Human resources managers begin by writing a job description

Job Description

Is a detailed outline of the duties, qualification and conditions required to do a specific job.


Is an amount of money paid to an employee on a hourly basis


Is a fixed amount of money of pay for each week, month, year.


Are extra compensation that workers receive such as health and life insurance

Pention Plan

Is a retirement plan that is funded at least in part by an employee

Profit Sharing

Makes anual contribution to an employee retirement fun when the company makes profit


Actively looking for qualified people to fill a job

What is considered when recruiting a employee?

Most recruiters first consider filling a new job with someone who work at the business

Steps to select a person for a Job

First the recruiter review each candidate and the human resource to interview qualified candidate

Background Check

Is the process of verifying certain information provided by a job applicant

What's included in a Background check?

That includes information about past and present jobs education.


Is someone who comments on a job applicant's character and qualification for a job.

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