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**Air component
-N2 (78%) ,O2 (@1%),CO2,Ar,CH4,N2O( Nitric Oxide)>>H2Ovapor.
-near -groundtropics : water vapor---> 4%
-Polar areas: H2O vapor [ ]  is small fraction of a percent
**Air Temperature:
-Air Speed=Air Kinectics = heat energy  .
-Air tempaerature <---> measured  speed of Air molecules
(Speed ↑,Temp↑,,)
-Thermometer MEasures temperature!!!
**Air pressure:
-air is pulled by gravity
-air push against a Surface Area.
-AIr pressure can be expressed as weight of air above a Surface area.
-As altitude increases , Air pressure decreases because there are less 
- Unit = Millibar( Sea level= 1013.25 Millibar , 29.92 inches mercury ,14.7 sq/in)
-is air in motion ,  caused by horizontal vairation in pressure btwn 2points
-the greater the diff in pressure btwn 2 points on same altitude the greater the win will be
-the win blows in direciton where net force wins
-wind VANE---->Direction
-ANEMOMETERS= Wind speed(horizontal cups)
***Precipitation :
-Water from atm to the ground
-ex : Rain , snow , hail
-Rain Gauge : measures rainfall .
Humidity :
-Air's Water Vapor content .
-Instument = Hygrometers.
-max amount of water air can  hold depends on air temperture, Warm air > Cold air.
-Relative humidity =Amount of waterin air / max amount of water that air can hold ( the higher vlaue = Saturated)
-Relative Himidity = psychrometer (sling psychometer)

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