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The political transition from 1936 to 1958: the government of President Lopez Contreras that was initially an interim basis, had to change after a strong presidential exercise tailored to the exact standards specified in the laws

The government from 1936 to 1941 ended three months lopezcontrerista government on 19 April 1936, the national congress as scheduled in the current constitution, chose the same general lopez Contreras to cover it, as president of the republic

1 Treatment of legality, which would be respected by all constitutional guarantees.

2 the behavior of the first leaders led to President Lopez to take a measure of suspension of guarantees, constitutional.

3 the public attention to hygiene.

4 the roads.

Constitutional government of General Isaías Medina Angarita 1941-1945: completed the mandate of Lopez Contreras, the National Congress elected Gen. Isaías Medina Angarita, Minister of War and Navy, to succeed President Lopez Contreras.

A unification of all the rules on oil
B's obligation on companies to expand in Venezuela
C increased taxes and royalties
D renewal by the government of all degrees awarded.

Two important determinations
1) on 23 July 1941, laying decree ID card services
2) was the decree on income tax.

Government of the revolutionary junta 1945-1948: completed the constitutional term of President Medina Angarita, it entered into talks with the political currents of the time with whom agreement was reached to support the nomination.

1) study the characteristics of the Venezuelan economy
2) revitalize high-range projects
3) stimulation of businesses through loans and technical assistance

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