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Matter can be made up of a groupor series of different atoms to form a molecule.  These grups of atoms are called compounds.  Matter has 3 states:gas,solid and liquid.  Cooper is made up of a single cooper atom. These are called elements.  A single atom consist of:a proton,neutron and an electron.  Within the atom there is a nucleus.  It contains the protons and neutrons.  Orbiting around the nucleus aare the electrons.  Protons are positive charged.  Neutrons have no electrical charged.  Electrons are negatively charged.   Sice electrons are lighter than protons and are outside the nucleus...Flow.   Opposites charges attract and like charges repel.  Atoms have an equal number of protons and electrons. Atoms have no electrical charged.  They are electrically neutral or balanced.   Cancellation of charges creates a natural attraction between the positive proton and negative electron. Positive ion has one more electron than it has protons.  Negative ion has one less electron than it has protons.

Electrons rotate around the atom at different orbits. ELECTRON ORBITS: Free electrons orbit on the outermost ring wich is knownas the valance ring.  The free electrons in the outermost ring are free to move from atom to atom(electron flow)These free electrons are loosely held and can easily be moved to another atom or ion, because of their distance from the nucleus...   An insulator is any material that inhibits(stops).   Insulator material includes:glass,plastic and rubber.   Conductor materials included:cooper and gold.  Semiconductors: any materials with exactly 4 free electrons in the outher orbit. Is neither a insulator or conductor.   Semiconductor material includes: germanium and silicom.   An ammeter measures the quantify of current flow.   Current flow is measured in units called ampered.

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