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John Fitzgerald Kennedy

the 35th U.S. president
was born in Brookline, 
Massachusetts on the 
29th of May, 1917. 
He was the second oldest 
of a group of nine brother 
and sisters and his nicknamed 
was Jack. He was a poor 
student and a mischievous boy.

He went to Harvard UNiversity
 in 1936. He was incredibly 
popular with his Harvard 
classmates but at first he 
wasn't very interested in
 his studies. Finally he grew 
serious about them and 
graduated in 1940.

Then, at the age of 43 he 
became the second 
youngest American president 
in history. In his speech he told
 the nation'ask not what your 
country can do for you. 
Ask what you can do for 
your country'

He married the fashionable
 Jacqueline Lee Bouvier and
 they had four children. 
Unfortunately only two survived.
President Kennedy gave 
very good apeeches and he 
campaing,it was the 21st of 
novenver, 1963. The next day he 
was riding in an open car with
 his wife and the Texas governor 
through the streets when he
 was shot and killed by lee 
harvey oswald. Later this 
man was awassinated by jack ruby.

This event was an unspeabl
e national tragedy and millions 
of people watched his funeral 
on tv. The new york airport
 was named after him and 
the highest unclimbed 
mountain in canada was 
named in his honour.

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