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ICT: Are the facilities for the distribution of telecommunication signals to a group of users who have a common facility, the types include:-Television and satellite reception, basic telephony and ISDN-PSTN Telecommunications Broadband Cable one or more operators
General scheme of an ICT facility, "Food Network: It is by entering from outside signals of different types of telecommunications facilities
"Point of Interconnection: The enclosure in which consolidates all the connections in the ICT, the link between the power supply and distribution.
"Distribution network:
The overall network from which all signals are distributed in the ICT
Distribution Points: These are records of the main distribution network from which is the distribution of telecommunication signals
"Networks of dispersion: Are the different derivations that are made from the overall distribution network. They start from a distribution point
User-nets: These are the facilities of each user. They start with a user access point (PAU) and shared throughout the home user with points.
Types of pipes for ICT:
Home-Channeling: Is joining the precincts of telecommunications facilities with lower and upper secondary record all
High-Channeling: This is the utility for the network of dispersion and child records connected with the network termination
Internal user-Channeling: Is what is done in the user's dwelling. Party from the network termination point and distributed to all the samples (BAT) of the user
Distribution Fitting for receiving terrestrial TV signals and radio:
A distribution facility that is designed to provide radio and television signals to a community of neighbors or block of flats.
They consist of three main parts:
- Array
- Amplification Central
- The distribution devices
In this case the antenna equipment is connected to the power amplifier located in the grounds of superior telecommunication facilities (RITI). From here comes the distribution line that distributes its signal to all households in so-called shunts through networks dispersion of each of the plants.
The wiring for the installation of TV and radio distribution is made with coaxial cable
-Installation of telephone distribution:
The entry of the lines of the operator is done from outside to the perimeter of lower telecommunications facilities (RITI) in the register used as a point of interconnection. The connections of the input pairs are made on a main terminal strip, since this connection is made to a secondary terminal block, starting at each of the homes through the main distribution. The main network is by hoses pair cables with sufficient numbers to provide services to all users of the building. The allocation to each of the homes is from the records side by insertion terminal strips

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