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Polar bears: danger, reduced, causing, sources, made, although, cover, known, prove. Scientists explain excitement of children: Been, when, it, the, which, were, to, why, get. The ultimate challenge: Global, lifetime, selection, successful, demanding, populated, spectacular, extraordinary, competitors. Natural navigation: He began in an impressive way. It is not required most of the time involves more than one piece of information. The advantage of learning natural navigation. Natural navigation. It is exciting but not very useful. The wisdom of Birds: F, C, A, E, G, B. LIBRO: The new face of face to face meetings:1- They make greater use of technology. 2-Some information is easier to obtain face to face. 3-After face to face meetings, colleagues feel more committed to each other. 4-They increasingly need to combine in person and virtual meetings. 5-Lower its expenditure on meetings. 6-Starting customer relationships. DF Software: this, last, make, As, However, period, by, with, it, very, to, same, spent, them. Making the office greener: G, F, C, E, B, A. Report on staff survey: arisen, practices, turnover, costly, introducing, proportion, found, peak, significant, member, afterwards, requested, provide, ahead, take. When to outsource: 1-Can concentrate on their areas of expertise. 2-Almost 100 per cent more. 3-Can pay people for fewer hours. 4-Lack the necessary expertise. 5-The more complicated the activities… 6-Extra problems…

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