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Tourism Spain-It's the world's second most important burst destination, after USA. -It employs over 42% of the population. Factors: Mediterranean climate, Cultural richness, Good transport facilities and infrastructure, different types of acommodations, good quality health and social services. -Coastal, rural, cultural, business. Financial services in Sp: The major looks are the Banco Santander and BBVA, which are 2 of the leading banks in the Euro area. - THere are 4 stock exchanges in Spain:valencia,madrid,barcelona, bilbao.Social services in Sp:business-information-social.Transport network: is the infrastructure that the means of transport need to circulate:nodes, axes.Types: radial, grid-like, lineal, anarchic.Trade in sp:domestic trade,foreign trade:energy and technology.Exports:food,automobiles.Tourism: +/Increase in wealth of recovering countries/Activation of the economy and labour market/Improvement and construction of infrastructures/new economic oppotunities in rural areas.-/Regional economic imbalances/seasonal and precarious employment/environmental impact/changes in traditions.Trade: It's the exchange of goods and services.Factors:Transport and infrastructure development/Market size/People's income. Types:Domestic, it distributes domestic and foreign products throughout the state.Products are supplied to consumers by the whole-salers and retailers.Foreign:Takes place with other countries,Imports:purchases of goods and services from a foreign country.Exports: sales of goods and services to foreign countries.Ground transport:car.Used for short distances.For people/goods.+flexibility in routes, timetable. -Pollution/accidents.Rail transport:train.Used to carry people for short distances/for carrying goods.+Large amounts of goods can be earned/Clean.-Restricted to places connected by railway.Water transport:boat it's used for carrying oil and heavy goods in long distances.+Cheap/large capacity.-Slow/requires ports/ water pollution.Air transport:It's used for long distance transport of passengers and goods of limited volume.+Speed.-Extensive/environmetal impact/airport infrastructure/terrorism

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