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1) donate,delay,depress,develop 2) disrespectful, sensitive, stylish, modest 3) looking, come, apologize, replaced 4)made a fortun, out of the blue, take part, got good grades. 5) dou you live, did, will leave, dindt study, is going to do, finished, was walking. 8) it can be annas hoyse because thats her car parked over here. HE might will be honest with us this time. He could have like the presentation because he clapped. 9) More test would be done by the researchers the following month. This games console were being replaced with anothe model. The car had been driven by Jill earlier. 10)If we had realized how seiour it was, we would helped. Unless wedont try, we will change something. 3) If she has his email adress, she will write to him. This summer i would like to go on vacation to hawaii. The trip would be about two weeks, in order to know its culture, its gastronomy and the way of being of the people. The trip would be surrounded by friends for an unforgettable vacation. Hawaii has a climate very similar to the one here in spain, the territory is very large.It is located in the united states. We would have all kinds of activities such as diving, go exploring the best know mountain routes in the area.. It is an ideal place to go on vacation, to know another way of life and bove all tranquility, to be isolated from the usual and finally to live new and unforgettable experiences.

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