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ask for:request

be about:tell of sthing
be away:be out
be down:be depresed/decrease
be down with:be ill
be in:be trendy/home
be out:not trendy/home
be over:be finished
be up to:his dirty responsibility
be fed up with:be completely bored
be well badly off:rich/poor
be up:rise prices
be out of:don´t have
break down:stop working/be depressed
break into:enter by force
break up:separate finish
be off:be free
bring about:cause
bring back:return
bring up:educat/vomit
bump into:meet by chance
blow up:explode
call for:pick someone up
call off:cancel
call up:take people into the army/reminds
call over:call the roll
call out:summon for an emergency
call in/on:pay a short visit
call round:visit
carry on:continue
carry out:execute
check in/out:register/leave a hotel anda pay the bill
catch up with:get to the same level
cheer up:happier
come across:find by accident
come along:go with someone
come round:regain cnsciusnes
come in:enter
come into:inherit
come up:appear
come up to:approach
come back:return
cross out:eliminate
count on:rely on
cut down:reduce
cut off:disconecct
cut out:remove by cutting
cut up:cut into pieces
do away:abolish
do up:bind
do without:manage without shting
die out:extinguish
die for:long for sthing
draw out:take money out of
drop in:pay a short visit
drop off:fall asleep
eat up: eat completely
fill in:complete
find out:discover
face up:confront problems
fall for:be in love
fall out:argue
feel like:like sthing
get along:get on with/progress
get about:move circulate

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