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Images of its surroundings in his early poems:

The lemon, Well, the fig, the patio.

The image of the shepherd: "Squat milking / a goat and a dream"

Erotic desire in the guise of pastoral composition ("Where to find the nymph who has been warning my sex?")

In "Perito en lunas" images and symbols complicate the understanding of the poems, becoming authentic "lyrical riddles," as the poet Gerardo Diego. Gongora and the baroque are behind the symbols.

- The bull sacrifice and death (and what is associated with bullfighting, horns, bull fighters, blood, holding ...)

- The palm: landscape / stream at the top / spirit

- Veleta> dancer, a widow (single)> dancer Josephine Baker, black widow ...

- Higuera / figs / / oar demanding / / perpendicular brunette / / Snake: male

- Assault: rape

- Shell hostile female body

- North: Whites

- South: blacks

In "The lightning that never stops" promotes the themes of love and filled with symbolic language of images:

"Ray:" Blood desire: sexual desire

-Roll a lemon-Fever sexual desire: sexual arousal

"The shirt: male-Lemon: female breast

"The belly / oasis: female - the beloved, is not for the love thistle, bramble, ...

- Water for Life "Luna: death

"Winds of the People" is a social poetry book, where images and metaphors in the service of commitment:

- Wind: Voice of the People - Ox: village cowardly and resigned, submissive ...

- León: rebellion, strength, nonconformity ... - Hands / sweat: work

The title "The man lurking" recalls the Latin maxim translated by man is a wolf to man. We are man and beast (and appear associated with words like "fangs", "claws", "tiger", "Wolves", "jackal", "beast" ...). The blood now means sorrow and death symbolized by the train arrives ...

"Song and Ballad of absence" is a collection of poems written in prison. Sadness and loneliness. The joy of the birth of her second child ("Your laughter frees me / gives me wings.") And the certainty of imminent death ("Wife, about your husband / sound the steps of the Sea)


MH read the classics of Spanish literature and drank them without ever leaving their own voice. In his early poems imitate very well knew Becquer, Gabriel y Galán and even the poet Vicente Medina Murcia.

In "Perito en lunas" demonstrates the assimilation of knowledge and learned poetry of Gongora. Had read the 27 poets like Garcia Lorca, Gerardo Diego and the pure poetry of Jorge Guillén. "Perito en lunas" is written in octaves and poetry was an amazing start and a youthful prodigy of self-improvement. This book is perceived as the authentic poet in search of self-expression ...

In "El Rayo" beats all the classical tradition of courtly love put to the authenticity of personal feeling. Death still provides serenity and stoicism. But the RS Elegy find a rebellion. Here MH refers to the whole tradition of classical poets, from Manrique Antonio Machado.

MH debut as a literary critic with an enthusiastic singing "Residencia en la tierra." He realizes that not everything he thought poetry. In their enthusiasm is released to compose poems Neruda "Oda between blood and wine" to Pablo Neruda, "Neighbor of death", "My blood is a way."

Surrealism arrives disguised as Neruda. Neruda's work arouses more fascination than the manifestos of French surrealism.

MH type is curious that a study of "Residence on Earth" without once using the word surreal. In MH reflect certain elements of the environment, as they advanced to the thirties were charged in a more palpable and intense scents of French surrealists.

Aleixandre both Neruda and Miguel oriented at the time of the crisis to arise aesthetics, it is clear that the echoes of Neruda are strongest. MH will always be essentially simple, naive and deeply rooted in the earth. The spread of impure elements Nerudian was an episode, meaningful and intense, to the encounter with his own poetic pure and vigorous.



Love is one of the themes of the poetry of MH His work is written in a period of just 10 years, and is always linked to their life experience.

In the poem Ballad Songbook and absences, "came with three wounds: that of love, death, that of life." The metaphor of the "wound" becomes a symbolic vehicle of all existence.

In "Perito en lunas" appears the theme of love with passionate sensuality. Passionate love and even brutal.En "The lightning that never stops" is almost exclusively the subject of love. Burning love and exalted, and tragic destiny of man. Violence and doom, black omens are revealed in the recurring presence of the bull. Virility and nobility. Sexual desire leads to "pointed and glaring off." The snake, male sexual organ is used repeatedly as a symbol of sin, the dark instincts of man. Influence of Quevedo.

"Winds of the People" social book of poetry, where "I" the poet gives way to a lyrical subject group: the people. We can find some themes of love poems.

"Song and Ballad of absence" poems written in prison. Sadness and loneliness. It is a diary of desolation. Illness and conditions such tremendous in which they live are reflected in his verses. Despite the near certainty of death, shows the love and freedom. The joy of the birth of their second child. The last poems are perhaps the most tender of his work.


Miguel Hernández poetry is a poetry of experience. Indeed, the poetic world of Miguel Hernández is defined as love and death, with life. In his work happen all stages of growth of the individual, from the babble and the naivety of childhood crushes, the awakening of consciousness and sex. Poetically, life and death are joined in two ways:

A: One, in the sense Heidegger b existentialist philosopher. Other, the tangible expression of death-seed, as Walt Whitman sang. B. elegies D. symbols of life and death. bones, a symbol of life and love bones are mentioned in the four stages of evolution of his poetry. The meaning has evolved and is also providing depth. 2.lluvia, the myth of death that blooms the first use of the word rain in the period oriolano the poetry of nature, as is customary in Hernandez, designates a reality natural.

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