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* Benefit from (beneficiarse de)* Immune to (inmune a * Braces: brakets * Contact lenses (lentillas)

* Hot wáter bottle  * Stethoscope (estetoscopio): an instrument used to listen to sounds in the chest or other parts of the body.  PHRASAL VERBS

* Do away with (acabar con): kill * Get away with (escaparse con): to escape; not to get caught for doing smth wrong  * Give yourself up (rendirse): surrender the police

* Own up (confesar): confess * Put away (meter en la cárcel): put somebody in prison * See through (calar que alguien está mintiendo): realice somebody is lying

* Block out : stop something for coming in

* Blow over (calmar..): something goes away with a serious effect * Burst into (esmpezar a arder): start burning suddenly and strongly * Freeze over (congelarse): Surface of water turns into ice

* Wear away (Desgastar): whe something becomes gradually smaller or smother * Wipe out (extinguir): when a species becomes ectinct * Keep up (continuar): continue  * Fill in (rellenar): complete an application form  * Hold down (mantener trabajo): keep a job

* Move on (empezar algo): start something new * Take on : employ staff  * Breeze through (pasar fácilmente): pass easly; succeed  * Brush up (poner al día): improve a skill easly  * Drop out (abandonar): quit a cause  * Figure out (entender algo): understand something  * Go over (revisar): look at something´

* Hand in (entregar): submit homework

* Look up (mirar algo): find something in a list

* Pick up : learn quickly  * Book into (reservar): Arrange for a room in an hotel

* Ckeck in (registrarse en..): register at a hotel or airport  * Make for (acercarse a): go towards something  * See off (despedir a alguien): say goodbye to someone  * Set off (empezar algo): start a journey

* Come round (mejorarse): recover from an ilness

* Come down with (caer en una enfermedad): get an ilness  * Fight off (resistir una enfermedad): resist an illness  * Get over : get conscious  * Pass out (desmayarse): fainy

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