Impossible impolite

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Achievement, Child prodigy, defy belief, display outstanding (excepcianl) talent, Exceptionally gifted, from an early age, great skills, leave speechless, Precocious, remarkable, show signs of extraordinary ability, staggering (asombroso)/ unacceptable, unavoidable, unbelievable (increíble), unemployed (desempleado), unforgettable, unfriendly (antipàtico), unkind (cruel), unlucky, unpopular, Unreliable, unwilling (no ready), unwise (imprudente), inaccurate (inexacto), incomplete, Incorrect, inexpensive (barato), intolerable, immature, impolite (descortés), impractical, irrelevant, irresponsible, Dishonest, disobedient, Disrespectful. Goog, Bad, Brilliant, Surprised- at, kind, Rude- to, annoyed, obsessed- with, keen on, interested in

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