Income from the forest

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1. Are you tasting. Dont build ,use. Always complains. Is fitting. Burnt. Was cleaning, went, killed. Composed. Lived, moved. Have cut. Was arriving, escaped.

3. Large areas of forest are being destroyed everyday. The hotel will be finished by the time you arrive. A really good joke has been told to me. A beautiful bracelet has been given to jane. A cooking book must be read by my mom.
2. Tim may not will be attending the meeting. Those people on the boat must be really rich. My cousing might be at home. Lisa could be learning italian.
4. I would live it to the police. She hadnt asked monica. She will ruin her makeup. We would have been best friends. Will have to stop eating fast food. I shout at her.
6. I will have my tv repaired. My brother had is eyes tested. She wont have her lip pierced. We are going to have the childrens toy fixed.

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