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A.Liquidity Ratios

1. Working Capital: Current Assets-Current Liabilities
2. Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities
3. Current cash debt coverage: Net cash provided by operating activities/Average current liabilities
4. Inventory turnover: Cost of goods sold/Average Inventory
5. Days in inventory: 356 days/ Inventory turnover
6. Accounts receivable turnover: Net credit sales/average net accounts receivable
7. Average collection period: 365 days/Accounts receivable turnover

B. Solvency Ratios
1. Debt to asset ratio: Total liabilities/Total assets
2. Cash debt coverage: Net cash provided by operating activities/average total liabilities
3. Free cas fl: Net provided by o activities-capital expe-cash dividends

C. Profitability Ratios
1. Earnings per share: (net income-preferred dividends)/average common shares outstanding
2. Price-earnings ratio: Stock price per share/Earnings per share
3. Gross profit rate: Gross profit/Net sales
4. Profit margin: net income/net sales
5. Return on assets: net income/average total assets
6. Asset turnover: net sales/average total assets
7. Payout ratio: Cash dividends declared on common stock/net income
8. Return on common stockholder´s equity: Net income-preferred dividends/average common stockholder´s equity

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