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FLUTTER= Small bet

Break even = Cover costs, make profit.
Backers = Group of people who give financial support.
Sue = Take a legal action against a person or organisatio
Running costs = Money you need to spend regularly to keep a system organization functioning.
Approach = Go about
Popular / fashionable = catch-on
Share price = stock price
Building and land used by company = Premises
Fail to reach a target = Fall short of
Things belonging to a company with value = Assets
Point in a discussion on which it is not posible to reach an agreement = Sticking point
Calculation of someones ability to pay back money with they have borrewed = Credit worthiness
Persuade someone = talk someone into
The maximum amount of money a bank will allow you yo borrow = Credit limit
Amount high is less than the level was needed = Shortfall
Charges which are used to punish someone = Puntitive changes
Money borrowed form a bank = Overdraft
Money you need to spend regular to keep a system = Running costs
The lowest amount acceptable in a negotiation = bottom line
Job of keeping record of the money that has been spent or received by business = Bookkeping skills
Reassons for something bad = Roof cause 
MOnay paid to shareholders = Dividends
Sales,income of a company made by their sales= Turnover
Investor , an affluent individual who provides capital for a business = Business angel
Money paid for a bank service = Bank charge.
leverage = Influence

nose-dive : Caer en picado

Mainstream : Algo que se vuelve normal

recurring : Recurrente 

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