Income from the forest

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-cities contribute global warmin
-an urban microclimate
(or heat island)
-high spending
-large spaces(for parks..)
-traffic accidents
pollution, noise pollution
Waste management
cities create a great amount
 of waste because they have 
large populations and high 
in developed countries, urban 
waste management is achieved
-in less developed countries, 
illegal waste drumps are created
 in urban areas.
Residential segregation
urban residents live in areas that
 reflect their income.
the hause price vary greatly for:
-cuality and type of housing
-environmental issues
Residential segregation is the 
separation of groups of people
 into different areas acording 
to their income.
-people on low incomes live in
 deteriorating districts and far from city.
a- a neighbourhood suffers 
social exclusion
shanty towns- chabolas
Other urban challenges
-resource management
-social integration

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