Income from the forest

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A process manufacturer produces indistinguishable products in a continuous production process.

started and completed: (completed - beginning WIP ) or (started - ending WIP)

added at the beg process: 0,100,100

equivalent units for conversion costs: %dif, 100,%dado

Direct materials cost per equivalent unit: total direct materials cost for he period / total equivalent units of direct materials

Conversion cost per equivalent unit: total conversion costs for the period / total equivalent units of conversion costs

cost of transferred in mat: WIP1. Debit WIP2. Credit Materials. Credit

conversion cost: WIP1. Debit factoryOH. Credit Wages payable. Credit

Transferred finished goods: Finished goods. Debit. WIP1 credit

balance of WIP: beg inv+totalmaterials+totalfactoryOH-finishedgoods

Variable cost per unit: difference in totalcost / difference in units produced

fixed cost: total cost - (variable cost per unit * units produced) choose one

total cost: (variable cost per unit * units produced) + fixed costs

contribution margin= sales - variable costs

sales = (units produced * sales per unit)

variable cost= (units prod * variable per unit)

contribution margin ratio = contribution margin / sales

unit contra margin= sales price p unit - variable cost per unit

income from ope: contrimargin - fixed cost

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