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1.The role of employee relations:

Communication policy will help to:

+ Improve organization culture and understand the organizatin´s goals.

+ Keep employees informed about the goals and organizations activities and problems.

+ Encourage employees to provide input, information and feedback.

+ Communicate important events and decisions ad quickly possible.

+ Establish a culture.

2.Organizational change: The role of employee communication is the design and implementation of organization changes is crucial. PR professionals will help employees to undertones and support new situations, they will have to:

-Lead employees through dialogue.

-Help management turn complex business initiative into simple, easy understanding conceptos so employees can understand them and contribute to their successful implementation.

3.Employees relations tools:

-House magazines: periodical publication which tries to establish regular communication between an organizations and its employees.

-Bulletin board: Organiza1ons publish many no1ces for the employees and place them on a bulle1n board or the intranet The bulle1n board has to be placed where all the employees will be able to see it.

-Intranet: electronic hub that acts as a mechanism for displaying and communicating information internally within an organization, thus making corporate information accessible to an entire workforce simultaneously.

-Leaftles: inexensive publications, fast to preprare.

-New employees welcome pack: Is a document or booklet designed to guide the new employees.
Give informa1on helpful to the employee in his or her new job, includes: the company’s philosophy and culture…

-Posters and banners: Offer fast effec1ve communica1on, provides messages easy to see they are use to give emphasis to an idea. They should be placed in high-traffic areas.

-Information racks: They are designed to invite readers to take the brochure or booklets displayed. Informa1on racks should be placed in leisure areas.


1.Investor retail functions: Individual stakeholders. - Retail brokers. - Institutionals investors.

- Financial analytics. - Financial media. - CEOs and CFOs.

2.Annual meeting: this one have to be carefully planned because they are an opportunity for corporate manager to reach all stockholders. Goals:

-Attract, inform and involve stockholders.-Generate publicity. -Obtain feedback.

Suggestions: -Ensure that the CEO is well prepared for the presentation -Highlight the company’s products, services and financial results -Invite media-Prepare an advance news release for the media to highlight the CEO’s presentation at themeeting

-Have handouts as annual reports and product literature. Consider the meeting organization carefully ( invitations, name badges, refreshments...)

3.Annual reports: Are usually released six months before the anual meeting. They perform a PR and marketing function. The goal is to fulfill the legal requirements of reporting to a company´s stockholders. It is the primary source of information.

It give information on the company and ts progress during the previous year. It helps to give more credibility to the company for the investors.

Contents: -It consists of a cover-President’s letter-Financial and non financial highlights - Balance sheet and an income statement - A description of a business ( products and services) q Name and titles of corporate officers -Locations of offices and plants -Address and telephone number of headquarters -Reference to stock exchanges -Company’s history -Company’s policies

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