Income from the forest

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ASSUMPTION: When you believe something is truth APRON: Piece of fabric you wear when you cook you keep your clothes clean   ANNOYED: angry

ANNOYING: making you feel slightly angry ADVERTISING: trying to persuadepeople to buyproductsAMOUNT: Quantity of something            

BENEFIT: it’s the positive impact of somethingBAD-TEMPERED: To be in a bad mood    BRAINSTORM: to suggest different ideas in a group of people

before reaching a final decision.  BROWSE: To search through the internet BULB: around root of some plants COMPLAIN: to say that you are upset or not pleased with something

COME UP WITH: to suggestCATTLE: group of animalsCAPE: A piece of fabric that cover your shoulders and back  CHALLENGING: it is something rather difficult that tests your abilities

COME RAIN OR SHINE: To do something Whatever happens   DEVELOP: To change something to the better DULL not interesting. EMBARRASSING: You feel ashamed in a situation

EMBARRASSEDThis was an embarrassing situation       CONFIDENT: To have self-esteem           FANCY-DRESS COSTUME: Special clothes to wear for a dress-up party

FAREWELL: synonym of good bye    FLOURISH: Something that is growing  FORERUNNER: it can be the first model or example of something that is then developed further

FOR GOOD: very satisfactory IT´S NO GOOD: Something of bad quality  INCOME: money that is earned from doing workIMPROVE upgrade.ISSUES: t's a problem

LOOK FORWARD TO: To be excited about something is going to happen    LENS: A curved piece of glass LEATHER: Animal skin used for cloth                                                        

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