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- Stars: High market growth and share: Siendo empresas de alta cuota de mercado, serán

altamente rentable y genera mucho efectivo, pero al mismo tiempo su alto crecimiento

También significa que requerirán mucho efectivo tanto para financiar el capital de trabajo como para construir capacidad. Por lo tanto, aunque rentables, las estrellas pueden tener efectivo neto positivo o negativo flow.

+Advise:Invest to maintain share. Cut prices only to hold share.

+Acabará como vaca

- Cash cows: These are the real cash generators, being profitable as a result of their high relative market share. It is quite likely that they will also create surplus cash not required to finance growth.

+Advise: ration new investment, maintain prices but keep new entrants

+Generan más efectivo del qu enecesitan para mantener su posición, así que lo que sobra va pa ?

+Con el tiempo pasan a ser perros

-Dogs: These are inherently unprofitable and seem to possess no future, though their cash requirements are low.

+Manage for cash and withdraw

+Si se deja es modestamente y por razones de mkt.

-Question Mark: No son rentables como resultado de su baja cuota de mercado, y consumen mucho efectivo simplemente para mantener su posición en el mercado debido a la alta tasa de crecimiento del mercado.

+Convert to a star or liquid.

+Grandes inversiones; pueden pasar a estrellas o perros

a) Variables: 

-Star: high market share and high market growth.-Cow: high market share and low market growth-Dog: Has a low market share and a low market growth-Question mark: product has a low market share, but a high market growth.

More variables:-Market trend (+/- 10%)   -Market share (0-100%)  -Income for the company (bubble size)

b) Dogs: These are irrelevant products that are taking investment and resources for other more important elements in the market. The company should remove any dogs from their product portfolio.   Question marks: These products are in an unknown stage, these can become stars or dogs and so their positioning is crucial. Products with this growth need constant investment to push them to the star area.Cash cows: We need to have really powerful cow products in other to establish other products.    Stars: Market leaders. They require an ongoing investment to sustain them; also these are the products that generate more return on investment than other categories.

c)The company should delete the dog products because they are losing resources With this product that is going to die. About the star, this will need an ongoing Investment that the company will be able to provide, due to the fact that there is a Major bubble on the cow products.

As pero both question marks products, one of them is in a critical stage, because in Short amount of time it could become a dog. Maybe it would be better if the company Invests more in the potential star. 

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