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Types Of forest:a) Reserved Forests: These forests are earmarked only for Production of timber. Grazing of animals and cultivation of crops are not Allowed in these forests. About 54% forests are grouped under reserved forests. B) Protected Forests: These forests are protected from further depletion. Right of grazing and cultivation is allowed with certain restriction. About 29% Forests come under protected forests. C) Unclassed Forests: There is no Restriction in these forests. These forests belong to government and private Individuals. About 16% forests are unclassed forests.

Short Note on Project Tiger Tiger is one of the most important species Among fauna. It was estimated that population of tigers has decreased rapidly In the last one hundred years. Major reasons identified behind depletion of Tiger were hunting and poaching, deforestation, depletion of prey etc. Project Tiger was started in 1973 to protect them from extinction. There are 27 tiger reserves In India. Project Tiger has successfully improved the condition. Population of Tigers increased from 1800 to about 3600 in the last 30 years.Water Scarcity: When water is not available in sufficient quantity and quality for all the people in An area, it is called water shortage or water scarcity. Water scarcity leads to Drought and famine and claims thousand of lives every year in India. Followings Are the causes of water scarcity. A) Amount of rainfall less than the Normal b) Over exploitation of ground water by tube wells in the cities c) Excess use of water for irrigation to grow more crops. D) Water Pollution by dumping of waste from city and industries e) Flood [Water Is polluted and become unfit for use]

Watershed Development: An area drained by an tributary is called watershed. All round development of This area is called watershed development. Sukhmajri Village in Haryana is the Best example of watershed development. Attempt made under watershed Development are: Conservation of soil and moisture, Afforestation and forest upgradation, Water harvesting, Development of horticulture, Pasture Development ,Supply of drinking water

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