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31) The efforts of global companies to reach low-- E) an effort to identify and categorize 32) When identifying global market segments-- C) similar needs and buying behavior.

33) Demographic segmentation is based-- C) Consumers buying Porsche would like 

34) Global marketing authority, Theodore Levitt-- A) the pluralization of consumption.

35) A. Coskun Samli had developed-- C) assuming that there is a presence 

36) The process of global market segmentation-- B) polycentrics.

37) Based on 2011 projections, the top ten nations-- C) Russia.

38) Ericsson, IKEA, Saab, and other companies-- C) Sweden has a smaller population.

39) The concentration of income in the high-income-- C) just 10 or fewer countries.

40) A global segment is referred to-- B) affluent, well-traveled persons.

41) In 2011, the ten most populous-- E) fifty

42) McDonald's operates in over 118 countries-- D) India.

43) A global segment is referred to-- A) people between the ages of 12 and 19.

44) Aglobal segment is referred to-- A) people with shared interest in fashions.

45) Psychographic segmentation involves-- C) attitudes, values and lifestyle.

46) Porsche AG uses the label-- C) psychographic

47) SRI International developed Values-- C) psychographic

48) In the study entitled "The Euroconsumer-- E) Disaffected Survivors.

49) In a study entitled "The Euroconsumer-- C) Disaffected Survivors.

50) The law of disproportionality suggests that-- D) 80

51) The DMBB agency-- C) Elites.

52) Sony's U.S. Consumer-- E) Fashionists.

53) "Usage rates" and "user status" are important-- D) behavioral

54) Campbell's Soup is making significant-- D) benefit.

55) Nutraceuticals are health-- D) Nestlé foods.

56) Diageo PLC, V&S Vin & Spirit AB, and-- B) behavioral.

57) Several years ago, the DMBB agency-- C) Russia

58) In response to increasing worldwide concerns-- B) Activa. 

59) Procter & Gamble has identified a group-- E) benefit

60) Three Mexican retailers Famso, Grupo-- C) the Hispanic American segments

61) Which of the following is true about efforts-- B) Honda and Toyota began

62) Which of the following criteria should marketers-- E) all of the above

63) Global automakers are targeting the U.S-- D) Kia in India. 

64) Managers must decide how well a compa-- E) Will it be possible to neglect home

65) The feasibility of targeting a particular market-- E) surplus demand.

66) The basis for global marketing expert David-- C) "bottom-up" segmentation analysis.

67) Basic criteria that marketers should keep in mind-- E) securing first mover advantage.

68) Companies like Coca-Cola had-- E) substantial investments in marketing.

69) Marketing that involves creating-- B) standardized global marketing.

70) The Swatch Group markets watches-- C) differentiated global marketing

71) Positioning refers to the act of:-- C) differentiating a brand in customer's mind.

72) For years, ads for Volvo-- B) attribute/benefit

73) Ads by BMW advertise-- C) attribute/benefit.

74) Some of Body Shop's recent advertising-- A) competition.

75) Which of the following is generally true about-- C) It relies less on specialized info

76) Consumers shopping for high-touch products-- A) emotional

77) When a marketer understands that a product satisfies-- C) commission psychographic 

78) Which of the following is true of advertising for the Heineken-- D) Heineken utilizes the FCCP strategy; Foster's utilizes the GCCP strategy.

79) The world's best-known cosmetics companies-- C) what beauty means to Chinese W

80) The strategy that identifies a brand as a symbol-- B) global consumer culture 

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