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Deng Xiaoping

Succeeded Mao Zedong in 1978

Economic reform


Tiananmen Square

Great Leap Forward

Mao Zedong’s economic plan


Tiananmen Square 

Political demonstrations in the streets of Beijing

June 4, 1989

Gang of Four

Once Mao died, the leaders who wanted to continue his Cultural Revolution with the four modernizations led by his wife and they are eventually ousted by Deng and other moderates


Under Deng

Trying to expand their SEZ’s (fake islands = more resources)

Cultural Revolution

1966 - 1976

Mao’s fear of westernization and political challenges by Deng and others

Totally eliminating any connection with the past even in Confucius 

Eliminating anything western

Iron Rice Bowl

A feature of China’s socialist economy during the Maoist era that provided guarantees of lifetime employment, income, and basic cradle-to-grave benefits to most urban and rural workers


Companies in which a majority of ownership control is held by the government

Floating population

Migrants from rural areas who move to the city to find employment

National People’s Congress

Legislature of China

Under control of the Communist Party

Not an independent branch of the government

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