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Capital= Long term debt + Total equity

Net Operation Profit After Tax (NOPAT)=(1-T)Interest+Net Income


Measuring Performance (Rendimiento)

-Market value added=Market value equity – book value Of equity

-Market to book ratio: Market value equity/ book value of Equity

-EVA= (NOPATt) – (WACC cost of capital  x Capital t-1)  

Return On Capital (ROC): NOPATt / capital t-1

Return on Equity(ROE): Net Incomet /Equity t-1

Return on Assets (ROA): NOPATt /Total assets t-1

Measuring Efficiency (eficiencia)

Assets Turnover (Sales to assets): Sales/Total assets t-1

Inventory Turnover: Cost of goods soldt/Inventories t-1

Days in Inventory= Inventories t-1/Daily cost of goods soldt

Receivables Turnover: Salest/receivables start year t-1

Average Collection period: Receivables t-1/ Daily sales/365

Profit Margin: Net Incomet/Salest

Operating Profit margin: NOPATt /Salest

Measuring Leverage (apalancamiento)

Long-term debt ratio: Long term debtt/(Long term debt+equity)t

Long term debt-equity ratio: Long term debtt/equityt

Total debt ratio: Total liabilitiest/total assetst

Times-interest-earned:EBITt/Interest paymentst

Cash coverage ratio: EBITt+Depreciationt/Interest Paymentst

Measuring Liquidity (Liquidez)

Net working capital to total assets= NWCt/total assetst

Current Ratio: Current assetst/current liabilitiest

Quick ratio:(Cash+Marketable securities+receivables)t/Current Liabilitiest

Cash ratio: (Cash+marketable Securities) t /Current liabilities t

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