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Zakat for Business Income
1. Working capital method
This Zakat is imposed on Wealth for Trading which is to be bought or sold with th intention of Trading to earn a profit. 
a) Define the end of the Zakat year. 
b) Define and assess the elements of Zakat 
c) Define and assess the elements of immediate current liabilities which are due for payment from the Zakatable Wealth.                                           
d) Define the Receptacle of Zakat (Zakat Base )
 e) Define the amount of the Nisab 85 grams of gold
f) Calculate the amount of Zakat as 2.5%  lunar year, and 2.577% solar year. 

2. Growth method 
The growth method focuses on the changes in the capital of the business and the fixed assets net book value. 
This method will not consider the current assets and liabilities of the business in general

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