Income from the forest

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Nowadays, Many people migrate to other countries to work, and in common cases they bring Their family members with them as well.

 For a number of reasons, many people believe That working overseas and take their families bring a lot of benefits for them. Firstly, many people believe that by working overseas, they will earn higher Income. As a consequence, their families' standard of living and economic Condition will improve, especially for people who migrate from third world Countries to advanced countries. 

Despite of All the positives things of working overseas and bringing the family members, There are some negatives things that people should notice. There is a chance of A culture shock for the family members, as there maybe some traditions and Customs that might not be fit with them.

In Conclusion, it is true that numbers of people who are migrating overseas are Increasing these days, and mostly they bring their families with them I believe That there are more benefits than the drawbacks, as long as we would learn to Adjust and adapt with the new culture and environment.

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