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Accountability (responsabilitat)  Accuracity (exactitud) Achivement (logro)
Belonging ( pertenencia) Boldness (atrevimiento) Assertiviness (firmeza) Cheerfullness (alegria) Clear-mindeness (mente clara) Commitmen (compromiso) Contentment (alegria) Correctness (exactitud)
Courtesy (cortesia) Decisiveness (firmeza) Depemdability (fiabilidad) Effectiveness (eficacia) Efficiency (eficiencia) Excitement (excitación)
Expertise (esperiencia) Fairness (legitividad) Faith (certeza) Fluency (fluidez) Grace (elegancia) Growth (crecimiento) Holiness (santidad) Inner Harmony (harmonia interior) Inquisitiveness (curiosidad) Insightfulness (perspicacia) Leadership (lieraje) Legacy (legado) Mastery (domini) Openness (franqueza) Reliability (confiablilidad) Resourcefulness (hablilidad-recursos)
Restraint (control) Selflessness (egoism-interés própio) Self-reliance (autosuficiencia) Shrewdness (astucia) Soundness (solvencia)
Speed (rapido) Strength (fuerza) Temperance (carácter / actitud)
Thankfulness (gratitud) Thoroughness ( perfeccionismo/ minicioso)
Thoughtfulness (consideración) Timeliness (oportunidad) Trustworthiness (confianza) Truth-seeking (buscando la verdad) Uniqueness (originalidad) Latest design (ultimo modelo) Dependable (fiable)
Top of the range (lo mejor de la marca) Inexpensive (barato) Value for money (calidad-precio) Much-vaunted (mas aclamado) Rock bottom (precio mas bajo)

Relevant response (useful answer)-- Skewed Samples: A simple survey group which is not typical of a target group.--Prototype: model of a product in development. -- Response rate: Percentage of people who complete a survey. -- Target group: The group of people a company wants to sell to. -- User Profile: information known about a customer.

PRICE:  Captative product pricing : Pricing ine item very low and its complement very high. (printers
and ink cartridges)-- Economy pricing: Pricing goods/ service as cheaply as possible. --Geographical pricing: Pricing according to area where goods are sold.  -- Premium pricing: Charging a high price for a unique high-qualities item. -- Price Skimming: Charging a high price for an item where you have a competitive advantage

Geographic: Region, Size of metropolitan area, Population destiny, Climate.
Demographic: Age, gender, family size , life-cycle stage, and Income.
Psychographic : Activities, Interests, Opinions, Attitudes and Values.

Brand Value: What a brand is called.
Brand awareness: How much people are aware of a brand.
Identity: What company wants people think about a brand.
Brand image: What people actually think about a brand.
Off-brand: When a product doesn’t fit the company’s brand.
Brand equality: The value that brand adds to a product or service.
Brand loyalty: When people like a brand and buy it again and again.
Branding: When a product or service is associated with a brand.
Brand extension: When an existing brand is used to support a new range or products.
Derived brand: When a component of a product becomes a brand in its own right.

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