Indefinite fixed-discontinuous contract

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¿Qué es una norma relativamente imperativa de mínimos? (Minimum relative mandatory law) - Tema 1
It does not contradict a minimum relative mandatory law, i.E., those legal rules that impose the minimum conditions of employment favorable to the workers (these legal rules does not permit worse working conditions). This means that a CBA may provide better working conditions than those regulated by this kind of mandatory laws. In that respect, most of labour legal rules are of this type.  , i.E., those legal rules that impose the minimum conditions of Employment favorable to the workers. 
¿El desistimiento del contrato de trabajo por parte del empleador durante el período de prueba está sujeto a algún tipo de limitación o es plenamente libre? Razona tu respuesta. - Tema 2
It is not bound to any restrictions as long as it does violated any basic human right. (discrimination y esas cosas)
Describe cuáles son las diferencias entre el contrato fijo periódico y el fijo-discontinuo. - Tema 2
The fixed periodic contract is viewed as a part-time contract for an indefinite term formalized in order to perform fixed and periodic tasks within the ordinary volume of the company’s activity.
fixed-discontinuous contract is an indefinite-term agreement formalized to perform jobs having an intermittent nature that do not repeat on certain dates within the ordinary volume of the company’s activity
Explica los tres tipos de complementos salariales. (Extra pays) - Tema 3
There are 3 extrapays depending on situations:
Bonus depending on the conditions of worker Ex. Skills of worker
Bonus depending on work done. Two types:
Extra pays related to the characteristics of the work eg. Night shift
Bonus related to amount/quality of work (an incentive for the workers. Comissions)
Bonus depending on the situation of the company. (this way all workers collaborate). Consollidation of bonuses: extra pay permanent. 
Define qué es un despido nulo y comenta cuáles son los efectos que se producen en caso de declararse un despido nulo. - Tema 4
Finally, in general terms, where the dismissal involves a discrimination or violation of fundamental rights, the employer’s decision shall be null and void. This type of layoff is known as ‘null dismissal’. Null dismissal shall result in the immediate reinstatement of the worker and the payment of salaries not received.

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