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1))J09)1)why may coffee be considered a drug?=//S09)1)Did theatre originally have the same function as today?= 2)))J08)1)how do you know that your car will stop working at any moment?=//S08) 1)how do we know about the egyptians love of cosmetics?= 3))J07)1)why do historians argue about a possible dutch origin of golf?=//S07)1)which two solutions does the writer suggest for avading TV?= 4))J05)1)In what way is west minster abbey connecled with the English monarchy?=//S05)1)What does father Christmas look like?=5))J04)1)why are some protected area becoming islands of dying biodiversity?=//S04)1)what was the first reaction of the press when an area of the country suffered from riots and violence?= 6))S.03)1)What made the author think that the spectator?=J03) what do southerners in britain think of northerners?7))S02)why is it almost impossible to know details about other people´s lives in london?//S00queue jumping is a crime because..) 8))S06)1)Why was the minibus taxi system originally created?=J00)1)why did the plane from san Francisco stop at new York?= 9))J02)1)why was jorvik a prosperous city in the 10 century?=//J01)1)the court took the robot and its internal wives were disconeded.

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