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linkage=a mechanism where rigid parts R connected together 2 form a chain;link=individual parts of the mechanism-assume rigid-belt or chain is rigid in 1-direction(in tension)-links of mechanism must be connected-must be 2+ joint elements;kinematic chain=several links connected by joints;closed kinematic chain=every link in a chain is connected 2 @ least 2 other links (chain forms 1 or more closed loops);ground/frame/base link=reference 4 all other links (#1 in diagram);kinematic lower pairs= (1dof joints) pin,sliding,screw (2dof joints) cylinder/cylindrical (3dof) sphere&flat/planar;kinematic higher pairs=gears or cams; mobility=kutzbach criterion= 3(n-1)-2(jp)-(jh) n=#of links jp=# of primary joints (pin/sliding/1dof) jh= #of higher-order joints (cam/gear/2dof);grubler eq=(m=1 jh=0) 3(n-1)-2(jp)=1 or n=(2jp+4)/(3); Grashof's Criterion: s=length of shortest link, L=length of longest link, p/q= length of intermediate links
CaseS= Link?Type
S+L<>FrameDouble Crank/Drag Link
S+L<>SideCrank Rocker
S+L<>CoupleDouble Rocker
S+L=P+QAnyChange Point/Parrallelogram Linkage
S+L>P+QAnyTriple Rocker

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