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Tricocefalosis Trichuris trichiura, habitat blind (fixed), larger females, eggs are reproduc0 form (lemon) elliptical, brown, with mucosal or tapones.es geohelminth poles, you need to pass over land (T ª, F ª, soil, shade)
D life cycle: it has LOOS, goes to the intestine, defecation indirect, similar to ascaris lumbricoides.
Clinical picture: massive: Malnourished Children 2-5 years, severe and persistent diarrhea, Pujo / abdominal pain, bloody stools, bloating, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, sometimes rectal prolapse.
Epidemiology; wide geographical distribution, prevalence in children, is important socioeconomic and climatic condition, 65% South Central Zone
Try #: Mebendazole, adults and children Dose: 1 tablet 2 times daily for 3 days, contraindicated in pregnancy.
Prophylaxis: Individual: Hand washing, avoiding foods to vectors, Wash fruits and vegetables under running water, potable water use. Collective: Environmental sanitation, Research and case management, health education.
Enterobiasis or Threadworm (pidulle): nematode habitat: blind, (IG), wiry, has sist.digestivo, anterior end of cephalic fins, breeding x eggs are transparent, translucent, larvae, ovoid, irregularly shaped, has rela0 cn deposi0.
Life cycle: female lower cecum to the anus and perianal area placed eggs occurs in the afternoon (mucosa), but immature eggs in an average of 6 hrs we Larva x the T th, the female migra0 + itchy pegagosa the substance anus, the girl gets scratched her hand to her mouth. Cycle:ANO-Foot-Mouth (female emerges x anal sphincter), eggs do not float, of inhaled after shaking deglu0 = bed linen.
Parasite group if any school child and family tb.
Epidemiology: Mechanisms of Infection: Inhalation with subsequent ingestion autoinfection (Ano-hand-mouth). Retroinfección (anal) Features: Wide geographic distribution, Closed Groups (Environment Oxiurótico) There are no differences by gender, environmental health does not matter.
Factors k mantenr helps the contamina0: High viability eggs: T ° and solar design, disinfectants and insecticides have little effect, lighter eggs, Overcrowding.
Symptoms: Itching,-anal, nasal and vulval-night Prevalence
Nervous symptoms: Impaired nighttime sleep.
pathology: No gross lesions intestinal-nasal itching, anal and vulvar allergic reaction / hypersensitivity Migration of the female egg Accession

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