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Prs S->Psdo S:she takes/ took(2)Prs Prf S:she studied/She had studiedPast S->Pas Perf S:she studied/she had studiedFut->Condi:she will study/she would studyCan->Could:she can study/she could studyPrs Conti->PastCont:she is studiying->she was studiying.Prs Perf Conti->Pas Perf Conti:she has een studiying/she had been studiying.Fut Cont->Fut Pas Cont:she will be studiying/she would be studiying.May->Might:she may study/she might study.
PasPerf Sim/Con: no cambia.
Now=then,Here=there,this=that,these=those,yesterday:the previous day,tomorrow= the day after.Next week= the following week,last week=the previous week,a week ago=the month before.
Suj+Verb(told,ordered,reminded)+Obj direc(a quien, him, her,them..)+(not)+to infinitivo.Prgntas:He asked:"have they arrived? -> he asked if they had arrived./The girl asked him:Who are you?->the girl asked him who he was.Sugerencias: Can you let me use your red pencil? I asked Pepe-> I asked Pepe to let me use her red pencil/Can you lend me your red pencil?->I asked Susan if she could lend me her red pencil.Mike suggested that we go to the park/mike suggested that we should go to the park.Exclamativas:she said: what a wonderful day!-> she said what a wonderful day it was/se exclaimed that it was a wonderful day.

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