Inflamed ileocecal valve

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def: set of organs reponsible for carrying out digestion, trnasfomrs food into simple substance that pass nto blood and eliminate undugested remains. Provide nutrients to cells by digesting food.

mouth: lips: fleshy muscle thta surround the mouth
palate: roof of the mouth, separates mouth and nostrils, previous part:hard palate, back: soft palate
uvula: structure that hags the palate, prevent the pass of substance to nostrils.
teeth: crush food, incisors, canines, premolars, molar, adults(32) 8/4/8/12, children: lack of molars
tongue: muscular organ where taste sense resides, mis¡X food with saliva forming bolus
pharynx: duct locatedbehind the mouth where there are some lumps called tonsils(tonsilitis), comunicated with: esophagus, back of nostrils, larynx,middle ear. Epiglottis:"flap "in the lower part of the pharynx that closes the entrance to the larynx, pren¡Vents food from entering to respiratoyry tract.
esophagus:tube about 25 cm locatedbehind the trachea and in front of the spinal cord, drives the food bolus from pharynx to stomach, muscle prduces peristaltic movements so thatthe food reaches the stomach,produces  mucus favours the food transit
stomach:muscle organ j shaped located in the abdominal cavity beneath diaphragm, dilates when it filledof food,on it's internal wall there are gastric acids and mucus. The mucus stops the gastric acisd from attacking the stomach own it's walls. Cardias: sphinters that comunicates with esophagus, pylorus:.. intestine duodenum
small inetestine: long tube with curvatures called intestinal loops, produces intestinal juice in the glands of it's walls, absobs nutrients (very high absortion surface), folds in t's internal walls retratc:intestinal villi: finger like projections which increase the absorption surface area: duodenum: initial portion,connect with stomach, liver secretes bile and pancreas pancreatic juice into this section. Jejuneum: middleportion(longest strech), nutrients absobs in it, illeum:fianl portion that ends into the large intestine through the ileocecal valve
large intestine: inerted u shaped tube. Thick tube which is located in the abdominal cavity surrounding the small intestine.
cecum: lower part of the abdomen below ileocecal valve,shape of bag comes the vermiform appendix(appendicitis),colon: ascending, tranc¡Verse, decending, sigmoid, developed the symbiotic bacteria that make upthe inesttinal flora, rectum: end of the large intestine, ends in the anus(double sphincter that controls defecation)

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