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Frank Sinatra-One of the most influential musical figures in the 20th Century-Began his singing career with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey bands-Sixth sense in creating perfect melodies-Academy Award winning actor

Jazz music became the popular (pop) music of the time--Hit records by big bands-Hit records by jazz singers with general public-Rise of “Standards”-Movie music features big bands and jazz-Billboard and Hit Parade charts not exclusive to non-jazz selections

Sarah Vaughn--From Newark, NJ-One of jazz’s greatest voice-Recorded with Miles Davis, Count Basie

Tony Bennett--Born Anthony Benedetto-One of jazz’s greatest voices-Incredible vocal range-Still active today at age 90, duets with everyone in jazz through Lady Gaga-Began as a crooner, moved on to jazz-I Left My Heart in San Francisco became standard

Nat King Cole-Great singer and pianist-One of the first African-Americans to host a network variety show

Art Tatum-Born in 1909-Nearly blind-Technical prowess unmatched

Django Reinhardt-Born in Belgium in 1910-Third and fourth fingers on left hand paralyzed from a burn-Most famous proponent of “gypsy jazz”-Founded “Hot Club of France” with violinist Stephane Grapelli

Coleman Hawkins--Born in 1904 in St. Joseph, MO-Moved to NY in 1923 and joined Fletcher Henderson’s band (until 1934)-October 11, 1939, recorded “Body and Soul”—became a jazz classic-His bands included future stars like Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, Max Roach, Dizzie Gillespie-Incredible influence on saxophone

Charlie Christian-Born in 1916 in Dallas-Key figure in development of cool jazz and bebop-Helped integrate jazz groups while with Benny Goodman-Discovered by John Hammond-Major influence on Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and many others-Pioneered use of electric guitar

Bebop was born because: Big band music was in a “rut”-Arrangers were not leaving enough room in arrangements for improvisation-Swing was harmonically empty-Swing rhythms were stereotypical “Body and Soul” opened ears

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