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The king of Denmark Hamlet's father has died,
 and instead, the throne is his brother Claudio,
 he marries Gertrude. Hamlet learns that his father
 has been murdered by his brother Claudius,
 because he wanted to stay with the throne,
 has put poison. Hamlet compincha with two
guards and his friend Horacio to draw a plan
 will make mad. The plan includes repudiate
 Ophelia which is in love. Hamlet writes a play
 in which tells the story of the murder of his father
, this work is represented in the palace by a group
 of actors, the king contemplating the murder of his
 brother represented in the palace angry.
Claudio sends agents kill hamlet.Ophelia goes insane
 commits suicide by drowning in a river.
duel between Hamlet and Laertes, so gives Laertes
 poisoned sword so that it is easier to kill Hamlet, di
e by playing both Queen and Claudio espada.Y also die.

To signal,hacenseñas.Cliff acanti
Unfaithful,infiel.To poured,verter.
To pretend,pretender,fingir
to sewing ,coser.Trap,tampa.
Nunnery,convento de monjas.
stared,sembrado de estrellas.
Chapel,capilla,to repent,arrepentirse.
portrait,retrato.Willow tree,sauce lloron
lawyer,abogado.Court jester,bufon de la corte
tip,punta.Wounds,heridas.Mermad sirena
brook,arroyo.Execute ejecutar.Muddy,fangoso

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