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What are theree benefist of using solar power?-energia clean-renowable energy does de future for both industrial an less developed contries hold a place for the use of photovoltaic sistems?yes because the problem of co2 emissions is getting bigger and is necessary to invest immediately in new sources of renowable energy what are some advantages of using off-grid pv systems for emergency call boxes and emergency warning signals?-to save the cost of taking lines to for-away locatious-in the event of an electrical failure they will still function pvs require light to operate, what is one big disadvantage of pv systems?su mayor problema son los días nublados o con una nube que no permite que el panel solar recoja la luz solardescribe for situations where of-frid pv systemps are best solutions for providing electrical power 1electrical fences in farms2 watering/ irrigation of crops 3emergeny phone boxes4 livestock feeders in farms5remote flood/eathquales alerts alertas de inundacion o terremoto. How do you think systems that are off-grid work at night or during extended periods cloudy weather? they use banks of bateries to store electrical power how could you increase the output of a pv cell during the day, the angle of de sun's rays is constantly charging?if the pv cell chages angles during the day for optimum light, they output will increase. in waht direction would you face a photovoltaic system being installed on your home? the most suitable orientation in the northem hemisphere is to place the modules towards the geographic south how does the energy of light change if the frequency is increased?energy increases as frequency increases how does the energy of light change if the wavelength is increased?energy decreases as wavelength increases how are terminals connected in a series connection? the positive terminal of one power source is connected to explain the origin and meaning of the word pphotovoltaic it comes from the word 'photo' meaning lignt, and 'voltaic' referring to producing electricity

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