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1- he, agreed, died, married, one brother, got married, husband, scored a goal.

2- interested, manager, loss, frustrated, marriage, preferable, constructive, sensible.

3- T, F (not to get), F (can’t), T, T, F (don’t want).

4- d, f, c, b, e, a

5- the couple always argued

- (parent) just thinking about them.

- both act very much like.

- they no longer care.

- when he has managed to get far.

- (my parent) he is a great person


1- who, that, where, who, whose, who, which.

2- This film is about a small boy who / that wants to change the world.

- I met my sister’s new boyfriend, who is an actor.

- Owen, who rescued us from the fire, deserves a medal for bravery.

- My favourite shop is Reitmans, where I buy all my clothes.

- We’re going camping in August, when everyone will be on holiday.

- Have you met my new neighbour who has got three dogs?

3- This new project, in which we are going to take part, sounds exciting.

- My neighbour, to whom I gave my key, is very reliable.

- Mary has just met Kate, with whom she is going to share a room at university.

- The chair on which I was sitting collapsed.

4- c,a,b,d

- The exam which / that he is studying for will be difficult.

- Here is a photograph of the hotel where we stayed for two weeks.

- We’ve got relatives in London who / that we’ve never met.

- The film is about a woman whose husband is missing.

5- when we bought our first puppy

- whose father’s got a job in Rome

- in London, which is my favourite city

- where my sister lives was once a small village

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